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Dolphin Derby Draws Anglers to Pete’s Pub

Fifty six people on seventeen boats participated in the Pete’s Pub Thirty First Annual Dolphin Derby, a fishing tournament spread over four days, starting May 9.

Preparing for the evening ceremony, Gregory Johnston and his wife Heather, the organizers of the event, were tallying up the results and deciding to whom which prize would go to. Pete Johnston who had designed and cast in bronze most of the items to be awarded, oversaw the operation. Occasionally his grandson, Fletcher, would run to him asking which was to be his prize.

The big winner of the Thirty First Annual Pete’s Pub Dolphin Derby was Joel Chambers on ‘Menu’ with a catch of 45.5-pound dolphin, the only dolphin of any weight caught during this tournament.

A 28.5-pound wahoo by Doug Albury on ‘Blue Diamond’ was the runner up.  Doug Albury also took credit for catching a twenty-pound grouper on the same boat.

An 11.5-pound tuna was brought back to base by Jerry O’Daniel on ‘Sea Dog.’

Blaine Sweeting on the ‘Menu’ pulled a ten pound Snapper.

The first to weigh in was Johnny Furman.

The Billfish Category was won by the crew of ‘Family Circus’ with the most points; another sailfish was caught and released by Melissa Appleby.

Captains and crews were rewarded with trophies consisting of small bronze-cast fish, turtles, or birds displayed on drift wood. Prints, T-shirts and conch-horns were also distributed.

In spite of the rain that started pouring early afternoon, many people gathered in the bar area to hail the fishermen and share in their exploits.

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