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Executive members of the The Boys Club of The Bahamas' Abaco Chapter from l to r: Ishmael "Stretch" Morley, third vice president; Jason Quashie, third vice president; Roodatram Kawalram, assistant treasurer; Rev. Samuel Rolle, founder and president of The Boys Club of The Bahamas; Vincent Coakley, first vice president; Inspector Mario Murphy, chaplain; Ervin Colebrooke; Beatrice Moxey, chair of Education Committee; Joseph Cox, executive director, in Nassau; and Canishka Alexander, public relations officer.

Boys Club of The Bahamas President Hosts One-Day Workshop

Reverend Samuel Rolle, president of The Boys Club of The Bahamas, hosted a one-day workshop at Friendship Tabernacle on May 26. He was accompanied by his executive director, Joseph Cox, out of Nassau.

Rev. Rolle explained that the purpose of the workshop was to establish additional executive members for the organization.

“It was good today moving forward with our continued work in Abaco,” he expressed. “We did an interview with Pastor Silbert Mills here at Friendship Tabernacle, and District Superintendent of Education Dominique Russell endorsed our program.”

Additional members added to the executive committee were: Beatrice Moxey, chair of the Education Committee; Roodatram Kawalram, asst. treasurer; and Dr. Chervon Mackey-Morley, who will head the Parenting Seminar. He would like to see parents get involved with The Boys Club, and support their upcoming Parenting Seminar.

Rev. Rolle said there are plans for an installation ceremony for executive members to be held in the first week of September. He encouraged each member to invite at least 20 people, so that there will be “standing room only” at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Ishmael Morley was already conducting a meeting with five young men in the church’s fellowship hall. He explained that during their meetings they discuss school, and other important topics that affect their lives.

He said they will eventually put a band together, so that whenever there are community events, the boys can be called on to perform. The Boys Club chapter at Friendship Tabernacle will also focus on four areas of development: sports, education, the Bible and music.

“This is a small group, so I would like to see parents involved and showing an interest in the program,” he shared. “It is key that parents are interested in what their children are doing because this is a partnership we are forging with parents and their children.”

He said that too many times we hear about the bad things that the youth are doing although there is plenty of good that is happening. Nevertheless, he looks forward to other churches and organizations coming together to show their support with the Boys Club of The Bahamas.

Morley meets with the Boys Club every Saturday at 11 a.m. at Friendship Tabernacle.

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