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Teachers and students who participated in Moore's Island Comprehensive School's Annual Easter Study Camp Programme.

Moore’s Island Comprehensive School Hosts Easter Study Camp

By Carlotta Simms

The sound of laughter filled the air as the children gathered for their morning games session. An explosion of raised arms saluted the teachers and facilitators as possible answers were pitched forth to be judged. A sense of urgency surrounded the pupils as they were anxious for their team to take first place on the score board.

One would never believe that the above described Moore’s Island Comprehensive School’s Easter Study Camp Programme. The camp has been in existence for three years under the leadership of Mrs. Carlotta Simms.

The theme for the camp this year was “Find Your Life’s Purpose.”

The aim of the annual study camp is to motivate and assist students in preparation for both their external and internal examinations. The planning committee decided to target reading and comprehension skills, which are noticeable areas of weakness in the students that affect all subjects.

Through PowerPoint presentations, Jeopardy online games, plate painting, scavenger hunts, and tug-of-war contests, the students were able to predict, infer, draw context clues and find the main idea of a variety of subject matters.

In the midst of all this extreme entertainment, the kids were learning skills that would assist them in answering questions upon their return to regular classes.

The camp was privileged to have Dr. Novia Carter, renowned Educational Psychologist, and Supervisor of School Psychological Services in the Department of Education visit the school. Dr. Carter assisted with the camp through testing students and advising teachers on best practices for delivering lessons.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Sophia Smith, the school’s Language Arts teacher, led morning sessions where students were introduced to reading comprehension skills.

As Moore’s Island is an intimate place, parents were called to be facilitators and manage group reinforcement sessions. Special thanks is extended to Mrs. Judith Rolle, Mrs. Shelly Knowles, Mrs. Esther Williams and Minister Jackson Davis for their assistance over the course of the four-day camp.

Under the watchful eye of the school’s Senior Mistress, Mrs. Josette Thompson, the camp was effective in meeting its preset goals.

Special thanks as well to Treasure Cay Management, Abaco Print Shop and Fidelity Bank in Marsh Harbour who lent their financial support to the camp.

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