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Frederick’s Agency Marks Fifty Years of Service to the Community

Frederick’s Agency Customs Brokerage was started by Freddie Albury in 1968. It was the first Customs brokerage in Marsh Harbour. It was located in a small building on Queen Elizabeth Drive in the same location as the current version of the business. Freddie ran the company successfully until it was purchased by Gurth Roberts and George Albury in 1980. The company continued to thrive through the years.

Pamela Pinder joined the staff at Frederick’s Agency in June, 1998 and began learning the ropes. Pamela’s father, Jack Albury, purchased the company in November, 1998. Jack had purchased Albury’s Trucking from Willie Albury in 1997. The purchase of Frederick’s Agency allowed Jack to add brokerage services to the trucking services that he already offered. Pamela worked diligently towards passing the test to become a licensed Customs broker. She was granted her Broker’s license in 1999.

The building that serves as the office for Frederick’s Agency and Albury’s Trucking, has been expanded greatly over the years. The number of employees has also increased as the business has grown. Frederick’s Agency currently employs twelve people. Each employee brings their own strengths and experience to the business. They all work together to ensure that their customers can import or export goods with the least amount of trouble. The staff call themselves the “Frederickonians.” They often get together, on the weekends, for fun filled outings to explore Abaco.

Frederick’s Agency has had to change continually to meet the demands of technological innovations. The employees have gone from writing Customs entries by hand to doing everything on computer by interfacing with the Bahamas Customs Department’s online system. The owners are committed to making sure that the business evolves with the times.

Jack always found ways to show his gratitude and appreciation to his customers by giving back to the communities of Abaco. He would often make financial donations to worthy causes but would also donate the services of Frederick’s Agency and Albury’s Trucking. It was said that Jack “never met a stranger.” He could often be found shooting the breeze with old and new customers. Sadly, Jack passed away on February 6th, 2015 after a short battle with cancer. Despite the loss of her beloved father, Pamela and her husband Andrew Pinder, have been determined to see Frederick’s Agency continue to thrive under their management.

November, 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of Jack’s purchase of Frederick’s Agency. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s existence. The current owners will continue to give back to the communities of Abaco to show their gratitude to those who have been loyal customers over the years. They are thankful to those who have shared the journey with them and look forward to continuing to serve the people of Abaco in the future.

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