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Paranormal Experts to Investigate Power Plant Haunting

Abaco had a rough start to 2018 with several prolonged power outages during the early months. This has yielded concerns from citizens worrying about how bad the summer months will be considering they usually mark difficulties.

Having apparently exhausted every standard approach to fixing the power company’s ails, an outside party has offered an unorthodox approach. Experts in the field have cited that a possible cause of the ongoing issues at the Wilson City Power Plant might be paranormal activity. Due to this, a company has been contracted to investigate these claims and provide long-lasting solutions.

As The Abaconian previously reported, speaking at a town-hall meeting the power company’s CEO asked for patience as they worked through the “ghosts” they inherited from the previous management.

Reading this spurred one Mr. Adam Finkle to offer his services.

“Learning about the troubles at Wilson City Power Plant it became clear to me that the only explanation was poltergeists. The number of outages and equipment failure experienced here is certainly not natural, so I sought solutions in the supernatural.”

“I mean, think about it!” Finkle quipped, “How else do you explain the constant troubles the people of Abaco experience. It is not like the problems are new or unknown. It’s not like the people don’t pay their bills. And it’s not like they’re working with outdated equipment – that power plant is only about ten years old; and there’s two of them. So, if they have cash flow, know what the problems are and have an advantageous starting point – that can only mean Casper, or someone less friendly, is in there running amok. These ghosts are twisting knobs, cranking levers and chewing on wire. Real spooky stuff.”

The team of experts employed by Mr. Finkle indicate the source of the paranormal interference might be their allegation that the power plant was built atop a Lucayan burial ground. The Lucayans were the first indigenous people living in The Bahamas and Abaco.

They speculate that the entities feed off the electricity produced on site and also off the negative emotions built up by members of the Abaco community after suffering decades of unreliable electrical supply.

Mr. Finkle dismissed the notion that it may actually be gremlins that are the true cause of the power plant’s woes; citing frankly that “Gremlins aren’t real.”

Mr. Finkle started his paranormal investigation company, Advancement of Paranormal Research, Intelligence and Learning First (APRIL1) at the beginning of the year and the Wilson City Haunting is his first major contract.

Mr. Finkle is an independently wealthy philanthropist who has attempted to work deals and schemes in Abaco before such as negotiating the sale and removal of the Hope Town Lighthouse.

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