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Minister Addresses North Abaco Concerns During Budget Debate

An Excerpt from The Honourable Darren A. Henfield Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament  North Abaco during the Mid-Year Budget Performance Debate delivered in the House of Assembly March 19, 2018:


Mr. Speaker,

I now turn to my North Abaco Constituency, the people of which I strive to serve to the best of my God-given abilities.

But before delving into some of the specific issues that I will speak to here, I wish to assure Abaconians that this Minnis-led Administration has the political will and determination to deal with unregulated or shanty-town communities, not only in Abaco but all across this Country.

They pose a danger to the individuals that inhabit them, and to our citizens who live in our wider community. The health risks alone are sufficient to have them expeditiously removed from the Bahamian landscape.

We undoubtedly recognise the clear and present danger that these unregulated shanty communities pose and we will not ignore them as have all Administrations before this one led by the Member for Killarney, the Hon. Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis.

Mr. Speaker,

I wish to publicly thank my brother, the Minister with responsibility for the Public Service and National Insurance, the Hon. Member for Garden Hills, for accompanying me to Abaco where he and one of his Directors presided over a Town Meeting aimed at reporting to the people on issues and concerns relative to the National Insurance Board.

He also took the opportunity to address other concerns associated with NIB whilst in Abaco, including some urgent issues which we are assured will be ameliorated in the shortest possible time.


It is anticipated that my brother from Elizabeth, who holds responsibility for the Ministry of Health, will travel with me to North Abaco before the end of the month, where he, too, could address the concerns and shed some light on the work of his Ministry in this country.

North Abaco also wishes to thank the Hon. Minister of Works, the Member for Carmichael (my M.P.), for his Ministry’s commitment to remediate a dangerous piece of road on the Sherlin Bootle Highway, in the Stink Pond, at a cost of one million eighty-six thousand nine hundred fourteen dollars and ninety-eight cents ($1,086,914.98).

I wish, Mr. Speaker, to thank and congratulate the Hon. Minister of Education, my brother who represents South Beach by way of Kemp Road, for his keen eye on North Abaco in general, and Grand Cay in particular.

The Member for Marathon intended to visit the dump site in Green Turtle Cay on Friday past, but simply could not get to the Cay despite being on the island for the entire day.

Environmental Health will work with the Local Government Council in Dundas Town and Central Pines to remove the eyesore of derelict vehicles in those communities.

The Prime Minister, during his recent National Address, informed the Country of our Government’s intent to develop identified land throughout the Country, put in place the necessary infrastructure (water, light, cable, etc.) and sell them to Bahamians at cost.

The intent is to avail first-time homeowners the opportunity of building their homes on these lots duty-free.

North Abaco is encouraged by the Minister of Tourism and Aviation’s pronouncements that our airports, which breathe life into the Bahamian economy, will see necessary works carried out to make them fully viable.

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