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LaSasha Williams serving lunches during her fund raising cookout at BAIC Park on March 16.

Community Supports Fundraiser for Woman’s Cochlear Implant

A Cochlear Implant Fundraiser, Cook-Out and Family Fun Day was held for LaSasha Williams on March 16 at BAIC Park. Scores of people joined the food line in support of the Abaco native while children enjoyed the bouncing castle and games and got their faces painted.

For $12, there was a tasty collection of food to choose from with grilled, fried and baked chicken; barbecued ribs; steak; snapper; conch and lobster with choices of salad, baked potato, peas n’ rice, corn, macaroni and buns. There were also hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones and treats.

According to LaSasha who worked alongside those serving dinners, almost 700 dinners were served.

“We sold 95 percent of the tickets and served approximately 700 dinners, dozens of conch fritters and had a great time,” she happily replied. “So yes, we were able to reach the goal – raising $10,000.

Undoubtedly, she was grateful to the Abaco community for their show of support.

“Thank you, Abaco! I am so blessed to have lived and grown up among such a wonderful and supportive community.

“Several persons have asked whether I am back home or what my plans are. At the time, I am still away from home making my contribution to the country, learning and being all that God created me to be, but I do have plans to return to Abaco soon. I thank you all for your continued support,” she expressed.

She said that the surgery date is all relative to how soon she can raise the remaining funds; however, the fundraising team is working to attain this goal, so that she can have surgery in July.

LaSasha was born with a moderate to severe bilateral, progressive Sensorineural hearing loss, which causes significant hearing loss due to cochlear and/or nerve damage in both ears.

Unfortunately, her hearing loss has deteriorated over the years from moderate-severe to severe and now profound. A recent audiogram confirmed that LaSasha has a profound hearing loss in both ears, therefore her hearing loss is classified as deaf.

Hence, the urgency for LaSasha to receive a Cochlear Implant (CI), and the world’s most powerful hearing aid, to allow her to regain her hearing. For more than a decade, LaSasha has served as a Disability/Deaf and Hard of Hearing advocate, so having a CI would improve her personal life and professional endeavours.

LaSasha is a member of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the President of the New Providence Association for the Deaf, and she has also worked along with International Christian Centers for the Deaf (ICCD).

“This fundraiser was truly a community effort; many people and organizations contributed by giving donations and volunteering their service,” LaSasha shared. “Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off as effectively as we did. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this fundraiser a success!”

Among the people she extended special thanks to were her parents, Llewellyn and Deborah Williams, as well as Phylicia Stuart, who teamed up as fundraiser coordinators. She said that they “went above and beyond their duty to see that this event was successful.”

“I truly appreciated the community effort given. Everything could not have gone smoothly without the Jones family; Vashti Williams; MaryAnn Archer; Lorna Rolle; Wanda Major-McIntosh; Bernadette Hepburn; Zelma Sawyer; Benita Altidor; Margo Dean; Lornise Louis; Father Chester Burton; Richard Gibbs; Charles Laing; John Hudson; Ishmael “Stretch” Morley; MVP Party World; and the members of the Pilot Club of Abaco.

“Last, but not the least, thanks to God for strength and perseverance,” she concluded.

The fundraising activities continued the following day at Shammy Shine Auto Wash across from Shell Gas Station in Dundas Town.

With an overall goal of $100,000 to raise, LaSasha and her family will continue to look to the community of Abaco for its support. A raffle drawing is planned, and LaSasha’s mother, Deborah Williams, will be hosting a souse out every third Saturday of the month at Shammy Shine Auto Wash.

To find out more information or to donate to this worthy cause, e-mail LaSasha Williams at lasashacifund@yahoo.com or text her on Whatsapp at 551-7455. Donations can be made at CIBC First Caribbean Bank Account #: 201696509.

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