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Scotland Cay Volunteers Return North to Spread Cheer

By Marlana Bethel

2017 wrapped up quite nicely for Scotland Cay residents as they worked together to bring Christmas cheer to the North Abaco towns. For the fourth year in a row, Scotland Cay homeowners have worked together to create Santa’s workshop right on Scotland Cay. For weeks leading up to Christmas, there are elves hard at work checking Santa’s list and collecting the generous donations to turn them into Christmas magic. This year the list of recipients grew, and the donations grew to meet the need.

Once the donations arrived, the elves were off and running from store to store making sure that each child and family member had plenty of surprises for Christmas morning. Santa’s list was very detailed, and the elves were careful to match every person with the perfect gifts and stockings filled with goodies. Then the sorting and wrapping began. The workshop was in full swing for weeks before Christmas, and fortunately the internet allowed great communication between the elves to make sure every last detail and every single person had been covered.

The Scotland Cay residents also made sure that each family had a full ham dinner to round out their Christmas Day celebration, and each elderly person had a ham and nonperishable food supplies to brighten their Christmas.

As the delivery day approached plans were carefully made to make sure the volunteers had enough “sleighs” and “elves” to deliver this amount of Christmas cheer. Fortunately, they ended up with three sleighs (vehicles) and fourteen elves to carry all the goodies north. Brandon Thompson joined efforts from the planning stages right to the delivery day, spending the whole day playing Santa’s helper. The Coppedge family, Harwood family, Bethel family, Wilson Austral, and Brandon Thompson left the Arawak Dock early on December 21 loaded with gifts, food, and loads of candy and headed north.

They met Angie and Stephens Dovel in Coopers Town and from there began spreading Christmas cheer.

The first stop was the Coopers Town Clinic, where they were met by the warm and smiling staff, who gathered for a quick picture, and then they were off to spread a little holiday cheer at the local police station.

It was wonderful to see the familiar faces, see how the children have grown since last year, and catch up with the families and elderly ones. Along their route they met many excited children who were eagerly awaiting the traditional candy and gifts. Of course, they stopped in at “Da Valley” for a delicious meal before continuing up the North Shore. It was a long day, but one filled with happiness, gratitude, and love. They made it home, tired but with hearts filled with great memories, just as dark was settling in.

A huge thank-you to everyone on Scotland Cay who donated and made this magical day possible. Thank you to Brandon Thompson, for joining in such a big way;  the head elves Audrey and Linda, who took on some impossible tasks; Meredith the official baker; and to the Harwood family, the Coppedge family, and Wilson Austral for joining the delivery team. Thank you to Angie Dovel and Wellington Pinder for guiding them to these families and elderly and making sure they had an extra special Christmas.

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