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HTDC Sets Dates for Town Meetings

The Hope Town District Council met for the last time for 2017 on December 14 to discuss the regular business of the district.

Chief Councillor, Jeremy Sweeting, noted that they finally received an answer from Local Government on which district council has responsibility for Matt Lowe’s Cay. The Council was informed that its oversight belongs to polling division four and thus comes under the Central Abaco District Council’s purview.

The Council received confirmation from Local Government that funds would soon be released to deal with capital expenditures which the council submitted after their previous meeting.

A stop work order was under consideration in regards to a construction project on Elbow Cay which included an enclosed structure on a dock and a wall bordering the road; however, the project manager is working to correct issues of blueprint discrepancies and location for the wall and will have the updated documents resubmitted.

A new cart rental company is again petitioning the council to release more Self Drive (SD) plates so they can expand his business which they say is already at a point where they have to turn customers away due to the limited number of carts available.

He noted that as the SD plate restriction impedes their business, homeowners are being allowed to bring in golf carts which end up being rented along with their second homes and impacting local businesses.

The Council reviewed Cracker P’s request for a renewal of approval in principal for the building of 18 villas which was again approved.

The Council agreed to hold town meetings across the district during the month of February. They will begin in Man-O-War on February 1, followed by Hope Town on February 5 and Great Guana Cay on February 6.

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