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Tornado Touches Down at TC Airport and Leaves Minor Damages

Flights were delayed as severe weather associated with a cold front pushed into the Northern Bahamas on December 9, spawning a small tornado at the Treasure Cay International Airport.

Minor damages, most of which were sustained to a portion of fencing at the airport, and slightly shaken residents were all that the small tornado left in its wake after toppling several smaller items on the tarmac.

A source said that the airport quickly cleaned up the light mess left behind and business continued as usual.

Treasure Cay Volunteer Crash, Fire and Rescue Chief, Colin Albury said that he was on the scene and witnessed the entire event.

He said that in the early afternoon as the weather rolled in a “micro burst” (a small, but strong downdraft that moves in a way opposite to a tornado) came through near the end of the tarmac and a small tornado formed.

He said a couple small planes that were tethered to the tarmac lifted off the ground slightly as the small tornado made its way across the tarmac, over the small terminal building, out into the parking lot and across the road where it soon dissipated.

“All in all, it lasted maybe thirty seconds,” he said. “Aside from some small items blown over and some minor tree damage it was not that eventful.”

He said that Silver Airways was inbound at the time and was rerouted while an advisory was sent for pilots to anticipate up to 30 mile-an-hour crosswinds at the airport.

Mr. Albury said that the runway was checked for debris and not long afterwards the airport resumed operations as normal.

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