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James Albury, MP for Central & South Abaco, recently commented on improvements to roadwork in South Abaco as well as stabilizing and improving the electricity supply.

MP Focusing on Infrastructure

Central and South Abaco Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister for Abaco, James Albury, noted his focus on infrastructural needs now and for the upcoming New Year.

Over the months of November and December, Roadworks were completed for the Main and Southern Entrances of Bahama Palm Shores; residents have long waited for road repairs and paving.

Simmons Construction and Heavy Equipment, Ltd. repaved the main entrance of Bahama Palm Shores in mid-November and just completed the new paving of the Southern entrance on December 6.

Residents have also been agitating for the repairs of the stretch of road from the airport roundabout to Snake Cay corner for some time now.

Mr. Albury said that “Abaco has a number of initiatives that are long overdue that I intend to push for at every opportunity, due to budgetary constraints and other commitments these will most likely have to be done in various phases of development, but I assure all of my constituents I remain committed to seeing them through and dedicating my efforts.”

He said he was pleased that the road works in Bahama Palm Shores have been completed adding that they are a part of a series of road and other infrastructural works he will continue to lobby for in Central & South Abaco.

“I will continue to work with the Ministry and Minister of Works and local government representatives to address a number of outstanding projects on the cays and the mainland,” Mr. Albury said.

“These include but are certainly not limited to; the portion of Earnest Dean Highway from the Marsh Harbour roundabout to the Snake Cay turnoff, addressing hazardous and decrepit roads in Hope Town, and continuing works in Moore’s Island.”

Mr. Albury noted that the challenge of providing stable and reliable energy throughout Abaco remains high on his priority list adding that “the critical issues responsible for outages are being identified and refined in order to find the most equitable solutions.”

Mr. Albury said that “These issues among others will be in my focused efforts in the New Year, and I look forward to delivering progress for my constituency.”

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