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Sweat it Out: This is Your “Get To”

For far too long, we have been crippled by the words “I have to”… I have to go to work…. I have to exercise…. I have to go on a diet…. I have to (fill in the blank).

These words create chores: things we dread doing. We sit on the metaphoric couch for as long as possible, and then when the time comes, we drag our feet, because we hate feeling like we “have to” do anything.

What if we could change our mindset? What if we could use our thoughts to change the way we look at things that we “have to” do?

If we could grasp how powerful the mind is, we could truly change our world!

What are some of the things you feel you “have to” do? What if you could change your mindset from thinking “I have to” to “I get to”?

For you, is it that you “have to” go to work? What if you could remind yourself that having a job is a blessing? Many people in this very community would love to have the job that you dread going to every day. What if you could go to work each day feeling blessed for the job you have? Would that change the way your days go?

For you, is your “have to” exercise? Exercise has gotten a bad reputation. It’s a punishment. It’s that dreaded thing we “have to” do because we have gained weight or because the doctor said so. No matter what the reason, you can change your mindset about it. Think of all the people in the world that are physically incapable of moving their bodies. They cannot even stand, let alone, walk or run, or punch or kick. If you are physically able to move your body, you are so very blessed! What if each time you moved your body in exercise, you did so with gratitude? Would that change the way you view your workouts? The body is capable of great things, and when you exercise and push your body, you will get to see how truly amazing your body is!

Is your “have to” that you feel you need to eat better or go on a diet? The word diet has truly become a 4-letter word in our society. It is frowned upon because it is seen as another punishment. We feel sad and deprived each time we are on a diet. But have you ever noticed that if you fuel your body with healthy foods, you actually feel better and have more energy? I am not talking about eating a slice of an apple and a crouton as a meal. I am talking about fully fueling your body, meeting your daily caloric intake with healthy, whole foods. When we do so, we actually end up feeling pretty good. So, why can’t we change our mindset to view it in that way? Why can’t we go into each day or week saying, I “get to” fuel my body with the foods that make me feel awesome?

The mind is crazy powerful. And if we could tap into that power, and change our mindsets from negatives into positives, if we could change our “have tos” into “get tos”, we could truly start to see our lives change for the better!

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