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Hope Town Police Vehicle Donation, Man-O-War Dock Repairs and School Air Condition Among HTDC’s Agenda

The Hope Town District Council met in Man-O-War on November 18 to conduct their regular business as part of the commitment to hold meeting in the different parts of their District.

Among business discussed Self Drive (SD) Plates were discussed at length as persons who were awarded plates for golf cart rentals were facing difficulties in meeting the deadline to claim their plates as they were faced with multiple issues, such as financing for new carts, or receiving new carts to the island before the deadline.

Meanwhile one company recently awarded SD plates requested an additional five plates hoping to expand as some plates remain unclaimed.

Further, Councillor Donnie Carey was concerned that franchises were asking for plates for new carts when they had plates attached to carts not on the road or not road worthy, suggesting they wait until all their carts are brought to a state of good condition before being granted any further plates.

The council agreed to 90 day extensions for several Golf Cart Rentals to give them time to finalize and bring to service the carts that they requested plates for. They noted; however, they would not give any further extensions.

Cart Rental Companies seeking additional plates were also to be notified that they may reapply after 90 days to ensure those initially awarded plates would have more than enough time to get their carts and plates in order.

It was brought to the Council’s attention resort in Hope Town that a resort undertook maintenance scooping prior to seeking approval from the Council. There was also concern about work done by a public right of way.

Council members agreed to address the matter with the Resort Owner and also to send a letter reminding companies that scooping, or other such work should not be commenced unless they are shown a proof of permit to do so.

It was noted with thankfulness that Central and South Abaco Member of Parliament James Albury would be donating a vehicle to Hope Town to ensure the resident officer had access to transportation. It was suggested that the vehicle be placed in the care of the District Council so that the vehicle could not be taken away from Hope Town.

Bids for the reconstruction of the Man-O-War lower public dock were received and reviewed. Only two bids were received and the council agreed to award to LBT Marine at the cost of $6,584.38 including Value Added Tax.

The council also agreed to pay for half the $700 cost of a new air condition unit for Man-O-War Primary which has already been bought and installed.

The Council then discussed at length how to divide the expenses on a backup generator for the Council’s main office in Hope Town. The generator, which costs $6000, would also service the post office, police station and clinic.

It was suggested that the cost for the generator be split evenly three ways at $1500 each; however, members from Man-O-War and Great Guana Cay disagreed positing that as Hope Town is a bigger district that they ought to bear the bigger portion of the bill, suggesting Hope Town pay $2000 and the others pay $1000 each.

Deputy Chief Councillor John Pinder suggested that the initial cost of the generator be split even and that Hope Town would deal exclusively with the installation and ongoing maintenance of the generator. The matter was deferred as no motion was accepted.

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