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LaSasha Williams, a strong advocate for Bahamians living with disabilities, has launched a crowd-funding initiative to help her with a medical procedure.

GoFundME Campaign Launched to Assist Woman in Need of Cochlear Implant

LaSasha Williams is in urgent need of a Cochlear Implant (CI), and has recently started a medical campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform: GoFundMe.com.

The cost of the cochlear implant is an astonishing $100,000.

The eldest daughter of Llewellyn and Deborah Williams of Dundas Town, LaSasha serves as a Disability/Deaf and Hard of Hearing advocate. She was born with a moderate to severe bilateral, progressive Sensorineural hearing loss, which causes significant hearing loss due to cochlear and/or nerve damage in both ears.

Sadly, LaSasha’s hearing loss has deteriorated over the years from moderate-severe to severe and now profound. Her most recent audiogram confirms a profound hearing loss in both ears, therefore her hearing loss is classified as deaf and most hearing aids offer no assistance to her.

However, once LaSasha receives a Cochlear Implant, and the world’s most powerful hearing aid, this will allow her to hear most sounds including speech and enjoy conversations. Presently, understanding speech or even lip reading poses a challenge for her because of her profound hearing loss.

Imagine her predicament living independently in Nassau where she is faced with obstacles every day, whether at home, work or socially because of the inability to hear. Therefore, LaSasha and her family firmly believe if she is given the opportunity to get at least one cochlear implant (left ear) and a very powerful hearing aid (right ear), her situation would greatly improve.

Having a CI would not only improve her personal life and professional endeavours, it will also help to increase her efficiency and passion for helping Disabled and Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities through advocacy and rehabilitation services, which she has been actively involved in for more than 14 years.

Regarding her work on Abaco, LaSasha accompanied the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities last year to advise and explain certain provisions of the Persons With Disabilities (Equal Opportunities) Act, 2014 to individuals and established institutions.

LaSasha has also worked along with International Christian Centers for the Deaf (ICCD) Missionaries Kayla Rohr and Tali DiPalma in February 2015. They were in search of deaf or hard of hearing children and young adults who can benefit from attending a boarding school in New Providence where they will be taught basic education, sign language and the Gospel of Christ.

LaSasha needs your assistance to raise $100,000 to defray the expenses of a Cochlear Implant surgery, hospital and MRI/CT/Lab fees, and a Phonak Naida hearing aid.

For more information, contact LaSasha Williams by email at: LasashaSWilliams@gmail.com or message her on WhatsApp at 1-242-551-7455.

Donations can also be made her account at CIBC First Caribbean Bank: Account #:201696509.

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