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Pre-schoolers giving the welcome at the Thanksgiving Assembly at Central Abaco Primary School (CAPS).

CAPS Annual Thanksgiving Assembly Emphasizes Giving, Being Thankful

Central Abaco Primary School (CAPS) held its Annual Thanksgiving Service on Nov. 23.  The theme was: “Give Thanks.”

Teacher Simone Pinder introduced Tianna Bootle, head girl, as the moderator. Following the opening prayer by Deputy Head Boy Muhammed Anjum, and the Scripture Reading by Ashley Smith, the pre-school students came onstage to offer a thunderous welcome to the audience.

Moving along, Grade 1 performed in a Thanksgiving acrostic. Grade 2 sang, “We Eat Turkey,” during their selection. A recorder ensemble was accompanied by a piano selection of “Tell Somebody God is Good” under the direction of Music Teacher Ervin Colebrooke.

Destiny Liberal and Kesciana Dany collaborated in a powerful, liturgical dance.  Their selection was followed by a praise of Thanksgiving by the School Choir as they sang, “Oh, Give Thanks,” and “Brand New World.”

The Culture Club gave an enthusiastic recitation of “Give Thanks.”

Meanwhile, the students of Grade 5 entertained the audience with a production about a Thanksgiving festival organized to honour the forefathers of the festival. Families prepared food to bring to the festival, and on the day of the festival, there were a lot of people waiting on the line for food.

Several of the children were asked what they were thankful for, and each gave a different response. The production ended with the singing of “It’s Harvest Time Again.”

Head Boy Christopher Turnquest introduced Yvette Poitier as the guest speaker. She began by thanking Colebrooke for his dedication to the Student Christian Movement, and for keeping it going in her absence.

Poitier told the story of how Thanksgiving came into being with the Pilgrims in America cultivating the land and during harvest how they brought all of their goods together to give God thanks.

She told the students that Thanksgiving is a two-way street whereas there is a thanks and there is a giving part. However, she said that God said it is better to give than to receive.

“We’ve become so materialistic,” she sadly noted. “How many of you thank your parents for clean water? For a roof over your head? Things don’t just come automatically; parents have to work hard to provide for us.”

She was thankful for a country like The Bahamas, which she considers abundantly blessed.

“The blessings we receive come from God; He is a good God.”

She said that Thanksgiving is not just a day for ham and turkey, but to also go into our cupboards and share with our neighbours. For the students, she encouraged them to share their lunches with someone who doesn’t have any. She also encouraged the students to thank their parents for all that they do.

“When I was a little girl, we used to sing a song, ‘There’s a roof up above me, food on my table…shoes on my feet,’” Poitier reminisced.

She ended her speech by singing “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart.” Deputy Head Girl Ronalee Delancy made a special presentation to Poitier on behalf of the school.

Next, Grade 4 students went onstage to sing the School Song, which was written by their teacher Jesika Smith.

Principal Beatrice Moxey was called on to give closing remarks and the Vote of Thanks.  First, she called on a student from each grade level to come forward and express what they were thankful for. The comments ranged from parents to butterflies to sharing, life itself, seeing a new day, God’s blessings, the island of Abaco, family, friends and education.

Principal Moxey said that she was thankful for everyone at CAPS, for life, health, strength and daily bread. She thanked the parents for giving to those who are less fortunate with their overwhelming donation of canned and dry goods. She also thanked everyone for their involvement in the including the committee members for their part in the Thanksgiving service.

Following the Thanksgiving ceremony, a luncheon was held for teachers.

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