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Minister Addresses Post Office Woes

During a visit to Abaco the Minister of Transportation and Local Government, Frankie Campbell addressed issues concerning the National and Local Postal Services which are seeing slow delivery times.

He noted that the crux of the issue stems from issues at the main Post Office in New Providence. He said that Post Offices throughout the Bahamas are being affected by “the inefficiencies being experienced at the main post office in New Providence, that is the nucleus of the issue.”

“When they suffer, all satellite stations suffer.”

He said that the government of the Bahamas is working “in overdrive trying to resolve the issue of accommodations; we believe that is the beginning of the reformation and transition of postal services throughout the Bahamas.”

He said that there are other agencies anxiously awaiting that transition so they can enter into agreements for parcel post which will increase revenue generation for the post office

“That in and of itself will lead to upgrades throughout the family islands including Abaco,” he said.

A recent break-in at the Post Office at the Government Complex in Abaco has caused the Ministry to review its security measures.

“We intend to employ electronic surveillance and any other solutions that will put us in a position to not work too hard, but work smarter,” Mr. Campbell said. “The fight against crime calls for accessing technology.”

Regarding the break-in, he noted that there is a security service already in place “and obviously that wasn’t as effective as we thought it to be so we will revise that, and nothing is off the table.”

He said at the end of the day they want to “ensure that government buildings, government documents and government funds along with all government employees, are safe.”

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