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The Hope Town District Council met in the school at Man-O-War for its October meeting. Central Abaco Administrator Maxine Duncombe is seated. Standing are John Pinder, Don Carey, Jeremy Sweeting, Don Cash and Arthur Elden.

Hope Town District Council Holds Meeting in Man-O-War: Capital Funds, Cell Tower and Other Items Top Agenda

The Hope Town District Council held its monthly meeting on October 4 in the Man-O-War Primary School to discuss routine matters. The Council feels it can represent its constituents better by meeting in the various settlements.

Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting announced that the district would be getting $20,000 in capital funds from Central Government to be shared between the three townships for minor capital improvements.

Nassau appears to have given approval for a resort on Elbow Cay to purchase or lease land it has reclaimed in White Sound. This area was once a public beach. The Council has repeatedly requested that Nassau not sanction this acquisition.

Council’s lease for North Pelican Cay has been renewed, preserving this cay for public use.

A recent letter from the Port Authority in Nassau stated that the Council could approve private docks up to a length of 240 feet. However, this was later acknowledged to have been in error. The previous length of 120 feet maximum is the limit for local approval.

A Town Meeting in Man-O-War resulted in public approval for Cable Bahamas to erect a tower for cell phone antennas. Due to conflicting opinions on the location of the tower, another Town Meeting will be held to confirm the location of the tower. A Cable Bahamas representative attended the original meeting to answer technical questions. A 90-foot tower is now on Abaco ready to be erected in town which is the company’s choice for technical reasons. If the tower must be located at the dump site on the edge of town, the tower will have to be 120 feet tall and will have to be ordered.

Near the close of the meeting, the Administrator and Chief Councillor were disappointed by the outburst of a new member on the Council who felt he was being treated unfairly. Recognizing that new members may not be familiar with meeting protocols and accepted business standards, the Administrator may schedule training sessions for newly elected members on how meetings and government standards are observed.

The Council meeting lasted about seven hours which is normal for this Schedule III District consisting of three settlements.

For this year, six meetings are scheduled to be held in Hope Town, three meeting each in Man-O-War and Guana Cay. Meetings away from the District office in Hope Town are often a challenge as all the Council’s files are in the Hope Town office.

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