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Dr. Livingston Marshall, Geoffrey Jones, Celine Albury and Peter Whalen presenting a $176,500 cheque to ECC’s Lyn Major. The money was raised during Baker’s Bay’s fishing tournament and will go towards a planned assisted living facility where people can continue to grow while still being part of the school

Baker’s Bay Makes $176,500 Donation to ECC

The musical team of Every Child Counts was still honing the presentation they were planning for their guests, as the delegation of the Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club made its appearance on October 11.

Dr. Livingston Marshall, Mr. Peter Whalen, Mr. Geoffrey Jones and Ms. Celine Albury entered the courtyard to the beat of drums. They were greeted by Mrs. Lyn Major and immediately welcomed by a student, Keith Clarke, who acted as Moderator for the event. Ms. Albury was carrying a large poster, only the back of which was visible.

In 2015, Captain Ed Dwyer, who is in charge of organizing the club’s annual fishing tournament, decided to choose the school as the beneficiary of the generosity of members participating in the tournament. The club’s executives were impressed with the school’s achievements in the last ten years and as mentioned by Dr. Marshall, “we now consider the school as a partner.”

After being treated to poetry, singing, and drumming performances by the drum band and the choir, the Baker’s Bay team presented the poster that Ms. Albury had carried in earlier. The team turned around the poster, showing an enlarged check with the amount of $176,500 that the school will receive. The representatives handed it to Mrs. Lyn Major, Director of Every Child Counts.

Following the presentation, Mr. Geoffrey Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing, explained that the money came from fundraising held during the June Baker’s Bay Fishing Tournament, saying “Celine held an auction that took a good deal of money from the members.”

Ms. Albury later mentioned that the highest bid on a cooler she had offered for auction was $25,000. She said the check also included the entry fees.

Mr. Peter Whalen, General Manager of the resort, thanked the children for their performance.

“We are thankful to be a part of it,” Mr. Whalen said. He went on to express his pleasure to be involved with the school.

“We hope you can use the money to grow,” Mr. Whalen added.

Addressing the Baker’s Bay’s representatives, Mrs. Major explained that the last part of her vision for the school was to “Add an assisted living facility where children will continue to grow while still being part of the school.”

“We are most grateful for your donation,” Mrs. Major said.

Pastor Erlyn Baillou, a long-time supporter of the school, explained that the site for the facility has already been outlined at the back of the property. The building will measure 70 feet by 35 feet and will be comprised of enough rooms with bathrooms to accommodate eight to ten lodgers and one or two resident care givers, as well as a common area, thus ensuring the continuing care and longevity of the students who graduated.

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