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Thank You for Exemplary Medical Service

Dear Editor,

So often we only have awful news to report.  So often that seems the only thing we can see on the television or the internet. On the local level, we constantly hear about how ‘lax Bahamians does be.’

I have a bright spot to share.  On September 22, 2017, a dear friend fell seriously ill in Cherokee.  His wife phoned me as she could not get through on any of the emergency lines.  Fortunately, within two rings to the police station, a Sergeant answered, and immediately put me through to the EMT first responders at the new Mini-clinic.

The time was 1:18pm.  At 1:40p.m. the patient was being wheeled out of his home for transport to medical assistance in Marsh Harbour.  He arrived at Integrated Medical Centre at 2pm, where he was greeted by a waiting Dr. Charite.

I would like to publicly commend Driver Simms and EMT Smith, who responded to the call with professionalism and compassion.  Thank you for your service to the community.  Both of these young Bahamian ladies deserve to have every accolade for their exemplary dedication to a job well done.  Thank you for giving them publicity.


Liann Key Kaighin

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