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Summer Madness Brings Satirical Lens to Bahamian Society

The James Catalyn and Friends Summer Madness Show took place on September 23, 2017 at the Anglican Church Hall. It is the eighth time the group has performed in Abaco. The show elicited much laughter and applause from the audience.

As usual, the many skits highlighted Bahamian society including its culture, politics, ways of speech and mannerism.

Exaggerated body movements and facial expressions added comedic energy to the performances. Ten skits were on the program with some highlights including: “Day Teef Muh Tings” – where a policeman and defendant recounted the report of a theft; “Ain’t Nuttin’ Change,” “Monday at Eight” – where four performers acted as guests on a TV program rife with misunderstandings and hilarious asides, and “Big Business” – where three performers dressed as heads of different religious groups humorously discussed the business side of churches.

Clergy were not the only target of the group’s satire: politicians, over-zealous people, BEC’s accounting and old folks set in their ways were also fair game.

The overture was the usual trade mark of the show as two women walked through the aisle complaining of the darkness in the room and ended up climbing on the stage revealing themselves as members of the group. They then joined the entire chorus singing a welcome song.

In between acts, members of the show read satiric verses highlighting the skits to come.

The J C Rappers put on a lively rap performance to herald the intermission with James Catalyn making an appearance; people took advantage of the intermission to walk outside to the front of the hall for free samples of wine compliments of Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits or to satisfy their appetites with some of the food offered for sale.

A chorus performance by the whole cast ended the show that lasted approximately two hours.

Chicozie Ijoema is the President of James Catalyn & Friends Executive team, with Valerie Lynes, Neil Cleare, Dwain Wallace, Antoinette Knowles, Kimberley Duncumbe, Sony Jean-Jacques and Jevon Butler as supporting board members.

They are looking forward to offering another show at the end of next summer, hoping to rally again a large number of Abaconians.

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