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The Abaco Groceries Diamond Dollz and Lady Destroyers giving each other high fives after their final game last month. The Diamond Dollz are once again the Abaco women's champions.

Diamond Dollz Win Women’s Softball Championships


Over the past few weeks, the Abaco Softball Association Women’s Championships Games wrapped up with the Abaco Groceries Diamond Dollz emerging as the Abaco women’s champions once again.

Championship games continued, however, for the 5 Star Ag and Turf Bulldogs who beat the Nagico Insurance Sluggers to face the Latema Boys Constructionairs with their first championship game on Sept. 30.

Holding the hot bat for the Bulldogs in Game 1 was Grant Albury and Mark Douglas who both went 2-for-3 with one RBI. The winning pitcher was Lyle “Big Boy” Sawyer who delivered 10 strike outs to beat the Constructionairs, with a score of 3 to 0. The losing pitcher was Tyler “Joey Wales” Russell.

In Game 2, which took place on Oct. 6 the Bulldogs demolished the Constructionairs beating them 9-1. The winning pitcher was Lyle Sawyer who once again accumulated 10 strike outs, and went 3-for-3 with 11B, 22B and four RBIs. Losing pitcher was Joshua Rolle.

The following night, Oct. 7, the Bulldogs played against the Constructionairs for Game 3. It was a more competitive game for the two teams with no runs scored until the sixth inning for either of the teams.

It seemed like an even playing field until the Bulldogs pulled away to beat the Constructionairs 5-0. Ten was once again the number of strike outs pitched to the Constructionairs by the Bulldogs winning pitcher – Lyle Sawyer.

Left fielder Demetrius Lightbourne of the Bulldogs went 2-for-3 with 12B, 13B and two RBIs. This coming Friday (Oct.13) will determine if the Constructionairs can hold on to continue their championship series with the Bulldogs. This is a best of seven series with the Bulldogs winning three games already.

If the Constructionairs lose Game 4, the Bulldogs will be crowned the Abaco men’s softball champions and go on to represent Abaco at the Bahamas Softball Federation’s (BSF)  National Round Robin Championships on Oct. 27 to 29 in New Providence at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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