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BPL Floats LNG for Wilson City Plant

According to a Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) board member speaking at the Abaco Business Outlook at the Abaco Beach Resort on September 28 the power company is considering converting the Wilson City plant on Abaco to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility, instead of a diesel facility

Whitney Heastie said BPL realizes that it makes “business sense” to utilize LNG at the Abaco plant.

“There are a lot of proposals on the table that we are looking at today. That is something we intend to do here in the short term,” said Heastie.

He noted that a number of power outages which occurred across Abaco in late July and early August were a result of a “series of tests” at the Wilson City power station.

BPL said it was “necessary” to conduct the tests as it seeks to “improve reliability and system stability”.

Heastie also said that consumers would soon hear more about advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in the coming months.

He explained that with AMI, “you will know, when you turn on that air conditioner, how much power that air conditioner is drawing”.

He added that one of the things AMI facilitates is pre-paid metering, allowing consumers to pay for electricity in advance.

“What the power company has recognized is that it spends a lot of time, money and effort that is costing businesses and homeowners, to maintain the infrastructure and people that goes along with that to have manual meter reading.

“It (AMI) is a product that allows the power company to turn on and turn off your power from anywhere in the world.

“It is an apparatus that allows the company to see what is going on in your home or in your business from anywhere in the world.”

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