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Town Committee Ends Public Events at Domestic Port

Events that were once held at the Domestic Port in Marsh Harbour have been discontinued as the Marsh Harbour Spring City Town Committee dealt with security concerns as well as other complaints about the condition of the dock.

While Town Committee Chairman Roscoe Thompson said he was unsure of whether the permission was granted for events to take place at the dock were granted locally or by someone in Nassau, but they decided to step in after hearing about how the area was left after an event.

He said the main reason they stopped it is “not cleaned up afterwards and also there is a security risk to the international side of the port. People were complaining that they were leaving garbage, conch shells, urinating next to the warehouse, but more importantly it was reported that containers and other items were tampered with.”

He said that they brought the issue up with Central Abaco District Council as well as making both Members of Parliament – James Albury (Central and South Abaco) and the Hon. Darren Henfield (North Abaco) – aware of the concerns.

Mr. Thompson said that the Minister of National Security, Marvin Dames, assured him that these events would not be allowed to continue at the port area.

Mr. Thompson added that these events need to be relocated to a better venue, suggesting that BAIC Park is a possible location for these concerts, but added that consideration will be made in possibly having property cleared with some basic infrastructure added (electricity and lights, etc.) in a location that would not interfere with residents or businesses.

For several years event planners have been allowed to use the domestic side of the port for concerts and beer fest type events and have garnered questions on why an area that ought to be secured is permitted for such use.

Mr. Thompson said that whatever happens going forward “the events will not be held there anymore.”

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