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Man-O-War Public Dock Undergoing Repairs

Repairs are being made to the Lower Public Dock in Man-O- War as the Hope Town District Council allocated $13,550 for thirty feet of repair from funds which were left over at the end of the last budget year which ended in June.

The District Council has implored various businesses in the community to contribute to extend the work further as, according to Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting, several businesses have donated but the work is suspended until the contractor can come back to do more repairs.

The District Council has also solicited the assistance of the Man-O- War Community Association, an association that was legally registered to collect funds from docking facilities at the waste management site. The intent for the establishment of the association is to collect funds and assist local government from time to time on community needs and projects.

The Council has registered this project as high priority and is expecting a donation from Community Association as well.

The Member of Parliament, James Albury has also been contacted for a possible contribution from his constituency funding. Mr. Albury has acknowledged this request and will be looking into what could be done from his standpoint.

This Public Dock has also served as the freight depot over the years. In recent times, the new ferry service has operated out of there also.

With the amount of vehicular and boat traffic and given the repairs needed to the wooden pier, the marine contractor estimated that within two years the dock could be deemed unsafe for use. Within two years, a total rebuilding of the dock must take place, according to the contractor.

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