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From the Editor’s Desk: Heavy Hearts

When young Dillon Albury disappeared the night of August 23 our small community was stunned. And Abaco is, despite growing pains, still a small community. Pain echoes here. Tragedy spreads; like casuarina roots, and displaces everyone. From one tip of Abaco to the other we all carried the burden of anguish. The heart of our island was, and is, heavy.

Our community immediately came together and a grassroots search party was soon organized. Boaters from the mainland, the cays and even visiting yachtsmen volunteered in the effort. A heartwarming sentiment in what has become a very cold summer.

The other side of that small-town coin did not help matters – rumors. Though Abaconians are a caring group our rumor mill is vicious; many families and broken people can attest to that. I hope that we one day, mature past this.

With so much hurt in the world it can be overwhelming to contemplate comfort. But it can be, if not easier, more immediate if we focus on the hurt at home and reach out to our neighbours.

I’ve suffered tragedy. Certainly you too, dear reader, have as well. I ask in this time we remain compassionate and pour our support out to whoever needs it. Abaco is no stranger to tragedy. Many personal journals are marked with entries of blunt sorrow.

We cannot wipe away heartbreak – but we can stand with those who suffer. Never forget that we forge the community we want to be. So let us be the community that the broken need right now.

About Bradley Albury

Editor-in-Chief of The Abaconian.

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