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Bahamians Need Not Apply

Dear Editor,

Well it looks like all the Bahamian people should just remain on the docks and hire foreigners to bring back their crawfish catch this week.

Once again, it seems the law and season for crawfishing has opened early for them.  This happens every year and it gets worse every year – there is no respect of our laws and since Florida has an “early” crawfish season, it appears they feel their US regulations apply to them in Bahamian waters as well.

Foreigners go out crawfishing here in the Bahamas whenever they want, before the season starts, take any size crawfish, spawning or not, and take as many tails as they please anytime of the year.  The Bahamian Government won’t do anything to protect the fishermen’s livelihoods, especially in Abaco, where an overpopulation of foreign poachers has invaded the area with crawfishing as their main objective.

This is only one problem we face.  We haven’t even touched on foreigners overfishing residential fish either.  When, oh government, are you ever going to help your people?


-Concerned Bahamian Citizen

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