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August Central Abaco District Council Meeting

The Central Abaco District Council met on August 3, 2017. It is being allocated $1,378,00 for its annual budget. Twelve percent of that amount was withheld and will be given to the Council only if its shows that it would be used for justifiable expenses.

Additionally $500 was deducted as Council’s annual membership in the Bahamas Local Government Association. This leaves a working budget of $1,204,640 to be shared between the three town committees and Council itself. Funding was given to the townships as they originally requested in the budget exercise.

Any shortfall will be absorbed by Council.

The monthly stipend for Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire and Rescue for expenses was restored as it was felt that the fire department has routine expenses incurred by its firefighting efforts, and the department should not be hampered by a lack of fuel or other necessary supplies.

The Council began naming the appointed members for the statutory boards but did not finish as the chairman for Dundas Town was absent. The boards are composed of appointees from the area towns. These boards include Town Planning, Port, Hotel and Road Traffic.

The last board is composed of persons from North, Central and South Abaco.

The $5,000 annual scholarship In Mike Malone’s name was re-designated as an educational grant rather than as a scholarship. This is in keeping with the concept that the funds can be used in a myriad of ways to assist needy students. This might include books, supplies, transportation or other items incidental to a student’s higher education.

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