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He further noted that the scope of works for the Green Turtle Cay road project also included roads in the residential area known as Bethels Subdivision.

Green Turtle Road Paving Resumes in June

Road reconstruction and paving recently resumed in Green Turtle Cay in the middle of June and the project manager anticipates an early July completion of the work.

Kino Simmons, General Manager of Simmons Construction and Heavy Equipment said that the Green Turtle Cay project is nearing completion in about two weeks

According to Mr. Simmons “the residents and guest of Green Turtle Cay are very satisfied with the quality of the work, and I have already noticed the import of new vehicles and golf carts.”

Now former Chief Councillor for Green Turtle Cay, Matthew Lowe noted that paving had resumed and said that he was informed that “they are planning to be working straight through until they’re done.”

He said it was explained to him that they were having a problem with the plant which is why they hadn’t done any paving for about a month.

After complaining of terrible road conditions for several years, residents were somewhat relieved when roadwork, covering five miles of road and involving road base reconstruction and asphalt paving, began in September 2016 but was delayed during the passage of Hurricane Matthew and inclement weather, recommencing in December.

Over the last few months work slowed and stopped as commitments to other projects on the island problems at the plant affected progress.

He further noted that the scope of works for the Green Turtle Cay road project also included roads in the residential area known as Bethels Subdivision.

Mr. Simmons said previously that the project is challenging due to being on a cay, off from the mainland where their plant is located. He said they have to barge everything over making the project rather complicated.

He said that eight to ten locals were added to their crew to carry out work on Green Turtle Cay, bringing their total crew number to 18-20.

The project was previously expected to be completed by March 2017, however it appears the end is in sight by early July.

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