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This year’s First Place Team, BJ Hustlers, include players (in no particular order): MVP -Teon Rolle, Norwood McDermott, Jacob Cornish, Rudolph Pinder AKA DULA, Dwight Munnings, Garvin Pinder, Romeo Rolle, Harold Saunders, Sponsor:J. Curry, as well as President Ian Clarke and VP Dwayne Reckley.

Billiards League Celebrates Its First Season

The Abaco Billiards Association (ABA) closed their first official season with an awards ceremony, the team from Mount Hope earning the top trophies for the year.

The BJ Hustlers, sponsored by J. Curry, captured first place with Teon Rolle earning the Most Valuable Player honours for the season.

Season MVP, Teon Rolle said that “the season went better than I thought and hopefully next year will be a lot better with more people coming and more teams.” He added that he intends to come back from the Long Island Tournament with another trophy.

BJ Hustlers sponsor, Mr. Curry added that he felt great as “My boys pulled it through and made me proud to be a Hustler, and next year I am looking for the same results.”

The Striking Outlaws earned second place with the Golden Oldies coming in third place.

President, Ian Favio Clarke, said “I think we did an awesome job for the first time ever organizing a [billiards] charter in Abaco because we have many good shooters and the league could be even bigger.”

He said that there are good pool players from Sandy Point in the south all the way to North Abaco, “and Mount Hope is the strongest so far for the last two years.” He said that the ABA is appealing to more communities to join in.

He said that he is also happy to see the older guys teaching youngsters the game, “showing them discipline and showing why it’s a gentleman’s sport.”

Mr. Clarke said “I am on the team that lost, so I am looking for a dog-fight next season; Mount Hope is a very strong team; however, the entire league were no pushovers.”

The ABA is sending the winning team to Long Island to compete in a national pool tournament.

And while not many were able to make the international Las Vegas tournament, Mr. Clarke felt confident that they will have a much bigger turnout next year.

He added that “We want to reach out to the business community to support us as we represent Abaco and the Bahamas. The league is growing and we want the support of the community as we do.”

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