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Ruth Saunders (Abaco Chamber of Commerce Director) and Vado Bootle (Abaco Chamber of Commerce President) at the fourth annual BCCEC National Conclave held June 14 and 15, 2017

Abaco Chmaber Participates in Annual BCCEC National Conclave

The fourth Annual National Conclave was held by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce in Nassau at the Bahamar Convention Center Wednesday and Thursday June 14 & 15, 2017 under the theme “Ease of Doing Business in The Bahamas”.

All Family Island Chambers were invited to participate in this exercise. Abaco Chamber of Commerce (ACC) President Vado Bootle and Director Ruth Saunders attended the two day conclave.

The event was a tremendous educational event that featured five critical areas of concern for The Bahamas.  Round table discussions were held on T.A.L.E.S. – Taxation, Archipelago Development and Infrastructure, Labour and Employment, Energy and Starting-A-Business. Abaco Chamber was asked to facilitate the talks of the round table in Archipelago Development and Infrastructure – Vado Bootle was the facilitator and Ruth Saunders was Scribe.

The opening of the conclave was chaired by Edison Sumner – CEO of BCC and keynote speaker was Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

On day one of the conclave speakers discussed the challenges on each topic and after lunch tackled the solutions. All the information was assimilated and then presented the next day to all attendees.

During this time the family island chambers met separately to present their year in review and discuss concerns within their island. Abaco presented a power point presentation explaining all the efforts and planning that was accomplished in 2106 to April 2017. It was clear that each island has their own unique concerns.

Family Island Chambers were asked to sign a proclamation committing each chamber to move forward with the information obtained through the conclave and assist in making these items become priorities for the government to move the country forward.

Closing remarks came from Deputy Prime Minister – Peter Turnquest – responsible for Ministry of Finance. He promised that the new government will do its endeavor best to move the ranking with the World Bank from ranking 121th out of 190 by 50% within two years.

Many thanks to the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, for hosting the event and looking forward to attending  the 2018 conclave.


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