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A Poem for BEC

In the darkness Abaconians fumble

Unable to see their way

Everyone knows BEC is in trouble

At least that is bright as day


Even though this is nothing new

Even though there is a lot at play

We should expect their words to be true

It shouldn’t have to be this way.


A/C, lights and burnt out fixtures

It’s all one aggravating mixture

Is there any hope they can fix her?

Or should we expect things to stay?


I understand the linemen are noble

And the workers earn their pay

But we must continue to be vocal

We must all shout out “Nay!”


I write this verse by candlelight

My appliances long dead

Nine hours doesn’t seem that long

Unless you’re trying to go to bed


Power outages and surges

It awakens violent urges

The island raises mournful dirges

The summer we all dread


But when the clinics are without power

And a patient comes through the door

It’s not so much a laughing matter

It really is quite poor


When the tourists all do vanish

Because they cannot stand the heat

Us poor souls will remain to languish

Our economy burnt in a heap


Another blackout and burnt up TV

Another bill that increases weekly

Another surge that makes you weepy

Do Better BEC

About Bradley Albury

Editor-in-Chief of The Abaconian.

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