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Some of the candidates from Team Vision that ran for the Dundas Town Committee in the Local Government Elections on June 22. They were camped out at the polling stations located at CAPS to encourage supporters. In the back row from left to right: George Cornish (candidate); Latora Burrows-Okorafor (candidate); Sherilyn Cooper and Erica Wilson. Front row seated from left to right: Ashana Cornish, Mrs. Cornish and Marguerita "Maggie" Cornish.

2017 Local Gov’t Election Results

Not unusually, voter turnout appeared subdued as the local government elections took place without any incidences reported and within hours, nominees knew their fates.

As previously noted, there were several areas that had no voting as the seats were uncontested, with nominees ‘automatically’ receiving their post to serve their respective communities, which were

Man-O-War Cay – Jeremy Sweeting and Arthur Elden

Cherokee – Vashti Albury, Michael Knowles and Michael Saunders

Casuarina Point – John Roberts

Bahama Palm Shores – Jacqueline Estevez

Within the next two weeks Committees and Councils will meet to be sworn and get to work, in some cases selecting persons to serve on a council as well as selecting persons to serve on statutory boards.

The newly elected Hope Town District Council will be made up of Guana Cay’s Cheynea Turnquest, Man-O-War’s Jeremy Sweeting and Arthur Elden, and Hope Town’s Donald Carey, Don Cash and John Pinder.

While the Central Abaco District Council is yet to be formed the elected members of the Town Committees are as follows:  Spring City’s Colon Curry and Masanetie Joseph, Marsh Harbour’s Danny Sawyer, Roscoe Thompson III, Dale Hill, Carl Archer, Dexter Russell, Henry Williams and Beverly Sawyer, Dundas Town’s George Cornish, Claire Basden, Faron Newbold, Raquel Thurston, Marguerita Cornish, Cay Mills and Cecil Ingraham and Murphy Town’s Derek Dawkins, Akeem Williams, Gilbert Davis, Tristan Bootle, Cubal Davis, Khiry Swain and Mark Anthony Douglas.

Similarly the South Abaco District Council will be formed from members from various Town Committees and would be made up from these members Cherokee’s Vashti Albury, Michael Knowles, and Michael Saunders, Casuarina Point’s John Roberts, Bahama Palm Shores’ Jacqueline Estevez, Crossing Rocks’ Israel Williams, Arthur Williams, Shevon Bain-Miller, Diana Bain and Trevor Williams and Sandy Point’s Arthur Lightbourne, Shenique Bain, Ian McKinney, Laurentine Fox and Kenny Darville.

The Green Turtle District Council is made up of completely new faces to local government and they appear to be the first group to have met and set their Chief and Deputy Councillors in place with Giselle McIntosh being elected from her peers to be the Chief Councillor and Wayne Reckley serving as Deputy Chief Councillor along with Wade Cash, Micheal “Mickey” Sawyer and Neil Lowe.

The North Abaco District Council will be formed from the duly elected members of these Town Committees: Treasure Cay’s Noel St. Claude, Stephanie Hield, Zeldon Simmons, Amanda Sawyer and Neil Bootle; Cooper’s Town’s Eulean Sands, Garneth Edgecombe, Antoinette Cooper, Ebony Rolle and Kevin Pritchard; Fire Road/Black Wood’s Deavalo Russell and Erica Curry; Cedar Harbour’s Michelle McIntosh; Wood Cay’s Denise Saunders-Rolle; Fox Town’s Leslie McIntosh and Nadia Russell-Lewis; and Mount Hope’s Norwood McDermott.

And finally, Grand Cay’s new elected council are Sheen Saunders, Roosevelt Curry, Mathine McIntosh, Jenny Russell and Verdell Grant.

At press time information regarding the Moore’s Island Council was not yet available.

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