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Message from South Abaco MP: June 15, 2017

Fellow Abaconians, we are approaching an important and yet habitually overlooked community and democratic exercise. I speak of course of our local government elections.

As I have stated before and will continue to say, our local government officials and members have proved to be among the most dedicated and effective in The Commonwealth. I look forward to building an effective and amicable working relationship with the new and returning local government members and councillors.

I frequently wonder what our system would look like if the voting Bahamian held as much regard and practiced as much engagement for local government elections as they did general elections.

I am aware the local government system in this country needs retooling and reinvestment in many areas, and I look forward and remain committed to being a part of that process however and whenever I am able.

In the meantime however I encourage all Abaconians: Vote.

I also implore you think carefully about the individuals you cast your vote for, for many issues and concerns it will be your local government representatives and not your Member of Parliament you must work with and trust to achieve your community’s goals.

Although we have just experienced a general election, do not allow yourself to become complacent or experience vote fatigue. Think about the issues closest to home, as they are often the simplest to fix with dedication and the right person at the helm.

I wish all the candidates the best, as a fellow Bahamian engaged in public service I appreciate and fully understand the extra burden you are taking on in the spirit of patriotism and community service.

I hope to see everyone at the polls.

James Albury, M.P.

Parliamentary Secretary

Office of The Prime Minister

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