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Illegal Home Demolished; Concern That the Area is a Health and Fire Hazard

The Administrator’s Office, in a joint effort with the Department of Immigration, The Royal Bahamas Defense Force and Royal Bahamas Police Force, enforced the demolition of an illegal structure in the shanty town community known as the Mudd on June 5, 2017.

Senior Island Administrator Charles Moss said that on May 5, 2017 a stop order was placed on a unit under construction in the Mudd. “Persons were advised to visit the Administrator’s Office bringing with them an approved building permit for the structure under construction.”

He said that “Rather than complying with the stop order those persons continued to build, thereupon erecting a roof and tarpaper.”

Mr. Moss said that they visited the site, and the building was demolished. “Persons in the area were advised during the demolition that the area is considered a no-build zone, and we encourage anybody who wants to build anything anywhere in the Bahamas to obtain the necessary permits because there is a code that needs to be followed,” he said.

He said there is a concern about the lack of proper septic tanks in the area as well as the fact that many homes are connected by wooden decks and walkways which creates a higher risk factor in the event of fires. It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen, he explained

After the demolition the Administrator, along with the Defense Force and Immigration followed up on information he had received concerning a site in Central Pines where it was suspected illegal migrants might be housed.

They met a structure with all the windows boarded up. “We made entry through the rear of the building which was un-boarded and discovered evidence of persons residing there,” he said.

It was also noted that electricity was being manipulated from the pole. There was a new washing machine, freezer and items of clothing.

Mr. Moss said they will be following up leads to who owns the house and get an account of the persons staying on the property and their use of the electricity.

After leaving the site, they stopped at another site with a home under construction. Workers at the site, when seeing the Defense Force Officers took flight and three were apprehended and taken to Immigration for processing.

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