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On April 8 the Abaco United Spartans took to the street - not to perform a Junkanoo rush, but instead to do a roadside cleanup.

Spartans Junkanoo Group Pursues Community Service

The Abaco United Spartans is a recently formed Junkanoo group that encompasses individuals from several settlements of Central Abaco. The group leader, Alain Petitcompere, asked the members to focus on community service and so on April 8 the Spartans picked up trash along the road leading from the Traffic Light to Murphy Town.

Approximately twenty people, including the Vice-Chairman Binoy Bernan, met early afternoon with the intention to split into two groups: one leaving from the Traffic Light, and one leaving from Murphy Town, aiming to join together at Brown’s Bay in Dundas Town.

Petitcompere explained it was their first community service event with many others to follow. One planned service includes helping senior citizens. Petitcompere hopes the Spartans’ actions give a positive direction to the young men belonging to the group.

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