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Baltimore Oriole

Birding with Charmaine: Vireos and Orioles

The Thick-billed Vireos is prevalent in Abaco. The Black-whiskered Vireo, the Yellow throated Vireo and the White-eyed Vireo are greater in number on Man-O-War this season compared to the past few seasons. A Red-eyed Vireo sighting was recorded as well.

*Thick-billed -Permanent Resident Breeds on Abaco – common

The black-whiskered Vireo

*Black-whiskered-Summer Resident Breeds on Abaco – common

*Yellow-throated-Winter Resident – Rare


*White-eyed-Winter Resident-Rare


Baltimore Orioles have been enjoying the sugar feeders since October. They seem to have a routine dinner plan, appearing daily, around the same time for their feeding.

We were very excited to have an Orchard Oriole visiting a private preserve this month!

*Baltimore Oriole – Winter Resident-Rare (they are on MOW every year almost daily in some places)

*Orchard Oriole – Transient -Reported Irregularly

The Orchard Oriole

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Charmaine Albury
Charmaine McDonald Albury is an avid bird photographer and owner of Sees the Day Photography. glenncharalbury@coralwave.com

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