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Left to right: Kathleen Knowles (North Abaco BCP Candidate), Ali McIntosh (BCP Founder and Party Leader), and Churton Toote (Central / South Abaco BCP Candidate.)

BCP Launches Abaco Candidates

Ali McIntosh, founder of the Bahamas Constitution Party (BCP), came to Abaco with a few members of her party to introduce the two candidates for Abaco, Kathleen Knowles for North Abaco and Churton Toote for Central / South.

The introduction took place during a rally held at the Ocean View Park Basketball Court in Dundas Town on the evening of March 16.

The Joshua Generation, a drummer and four singers led by Dwight Martin, kept people entertained with Gospel music until the welcome address by McIntosh. They also performed before the presentation of the candidates and in between their speeches.

“I am here on Abaco,” began McIntosh, “to introduce the members of the Bahamas Constitution Party who will stand in Parliament.” She added that the BCP is the hope for the Bahama Land. She gave a brief history of the party that was founded 19 years ago “Nineteen years in the making, developing and planning for God’s time.”

She promised that the BCP would bring a “better economy, prosperity, and no high taxes.” Before giving background information on the candidates.

Likening Kathleen Elizabeth Knowles as a cross between Mother Theresa and Princess Diana, she explained that Knowles was a community builder, having created several charity programs.

She then gave a brief biography of Churton Toote, who was born in New Providence but moved to Abaco 30 years ago. He studied engineering at the College of The Bahamas and worked for The Bahamas Electricity Corporation for 42 years. Toote is a Black Belt Karate Instructor, a member of the Junkanoo Committee, and oversees several sports programs.

In her address, Knowles said she offered herself to serve not only the people of the Abaco community but also the entire country.

“People must have a new mind set; it’s time for the Church to take a stand. We are now opening the gates of righteousness,” she professed.

Among some of her projects is the creation of a young women center and focusing on single parent families, as she claimed, “90 percent of the crimes are committed by young men from these families.”

A rally in Cooper’s Town was scheduled for the evening of March 17. The BCP campaigners were then to visit Sandy Point the following day and hold a rally at night.

Pastor Micklyn Seymour, advisor for BCP and Collin Miller, both from New Providence, traveled with McIntosh to Abaco.

Miller, Deputy Leader of the Party since 2011, but involved as early as 2009, says that if they get their votes, he will take the responsibility of the party up-front, with Mcintosh staying behind him as an advisor.

BCP intends to legitimize the revenue of the country and reestablish the middle class by creating opportunities of ownership.

To resolve the crime problem, Miller explained that the idea was to catch the thieves before they become murderers: prevention instead of rehabilitation.

He feels that encouraging people to marry, by lowering the license fee and offering tax breaks for couples, would help lower the crime rate.

However, the immediate agenda is to recruit 39 candidates for ballots. The Party has presently 20 candidates with a possible 15 more in the near future.


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