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Chantal O'Brian, Wilner and Molina Pierre at the video release party, hosted at Bliss Coffee House, on March 2. The new single is a Bob Marley inspired collaboration.

Video Release Party Launches Local Artist’s New Hit

Photos: Zyandric Jones

On March 2, Wilner Pierre released his new, hit song ‘Gimme Your Love’ to a crowd of ecstatic fans and supporters at Bliss Coffee House. According to Wilner, Gimme Your Love is an adaptation of the legendary Bob Marley’s ‘Wait In Vain.’

“Bob Marley is one of my inspirations, his music is timeless, and he is one of my favorite artists of all time,” he reflected. “The idea to create this song came to me one morning after listening to Wait In Vain –  it was somewhat spontaneous. I was [driven] to go to my studio that morning, and I didn’t leave until I had a song.”

However, the song still lacked one main element – Jade Passion. Wilner recalled that the idea to collaborate with Jade Passion came a few days later after writing his song. Born and raised in Nassau, Jemima Alberic better known as Jade Passion was destined to become a singer since she was a child singing in her local church.

Today, she is a commanding vocalist, and talented lyricist and songwriter delivering many genres of music from R&B, Soul, Pop, and Hip Hop.

“I felt like the song was not complete. I wanted it to be as original as possible even with it containing the line from Wait in Vain, so I felt a female’s response would be the best route to take with the song,” he explained.

“I met Jade Passion while she was here visiting her family last fall. She is such a talented artist, based in Atlanta Georgia, so [I knew that] having her on the track would also introduce me to a bigger audience and vice versa. She welcomed the opportunity; it was great working with her.”

Speaking of audiences, Wilner welcomed the well-deserved support of those who attended the video release party for the Gimme Your Love music video, which features his wife Molina as his love interest as well as scenes from OMG Designs 1, Island Girl Boutique #2 and Forest Heights Academy.

All in all, Wilner said that the video would not have been possible without the creative and innovative minds of Andrew Charles of Advanced Media Options and Zyandric Jones of ZJ Imagery.

“These young men are talented at what they do, and their equipment is on par with the world. Shooting the video was fun as the people in the video were genuinely having a good time – Vesley Cireus, Rico Ferguson, and Isaiah Seymour were my actors – and Joinel Jeune assisted on set. I truly appreciate them.”

He added: “It was an honour working with my wife Molina Pierre, who played my love interest in the video. She worked hard with me writing the script and ensuring that everything was set for the video and the video release party.

“She is truly my backbone, and I thank God for her every day. I would also like to thank Shavone Neverson for providing the dress that my wife wore in the video.”

At the video release party, the video officially aired at 9 p.m. on a large projector screen. The crowd’s reaction to the video was priceless with lots of cheers and applause, which prompted an encore showing. Another highlight of the evening was the #GimmeYourLove challenge dance contest where a few brave souls from the audience came forward to dance to Gimme Your Love. The winners were chosen by the crowd’s cheers, and one lucky couple won a phone and one month’s data courtesy of ALIV.

Overall, Wilner said that the party was fun, well-attended and a tremendous success.

“We had the lovely Miss Chantal O’Brian – Miss World Bahamas 2015 – as the host. She did such an excellent job keeping the audience entertained. There were light refreshments, wine and music.”

Those in the audience were instructed to share the video on Facebook, and the video gained widespread popularity in no time. To date, the video has well over 18,000 views, and it has been shared more than 500 times with hundreds of comments and likes.

“I definitely believe that this song has the potential to top both national and international charts, and it is my aim to get it there. I will not stop pushing it,” Wilner said confidently. “The song and video have definitely made an impact. I hope that it would propel artists in Abaco to keep pushing their music. Don’t stop no matter how things may look now; keep dreaming because your gift will make room for you.”

Wilner said that although he has many future plans, his main goal is complete his album, which will be released on May 28 this year. He also plans to attend the Best of the Best Caribbean Festival in Miami on the same date.

Wilner hastened to extend special thanks to his partners/sponsors: Claire Basden and Leanne Russell of Bliss Coffee House; Andrew Charles of Advanced Media Options; Zyandric Jones of ZJ Imagery; Krisp Productions in Atlanta, Georgia; Viline Baptiste of OMG DESIGNS; Keli Albury of Island Girl Boutique, who is always so supportive and provided the dress for Chantal O’Brian; Abigail Newbold of Kera’s Fashion; Cina Ingraham of Boy Meets Girl; Michaelle Victor of Chef Creole; Farron Newbold of Chat & Chill Sportsbar & Lounge; and Nixon Thervil of Park View Variety Store. and Shavone Neverson.

“I truly appreciate these people for seeing my vision and helping me accomplish it. I also must say special thanks to Chris Pennerman of Lunch Box, who help me locate a projector at the last moment and ensured that it was working properly.”

To receive updates on Wilner Pierre, please like his Facebook page –  Wilner Pierre Music; @wilneriampierre on Instagram; or join his mailing list on www.wilnerpierre.com.

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