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Tablets Donated to ECC

Chiropractor Dr. Keith Lewis and his stepson, Dr. Matthew Orem, donated ten tablets to Every Child Counts (ECC), presenting them to the Principal of the school, Lynn Major.

Dr. Lewis said that he and Dr. Orem were shopping for gifts for their grandchildren, nieces and nephews when they came across some tablets.

He said that Dr. Orem asked “do you think Lynn [Major] and Every Child Counts would like to have some tablets, and I said sure! I will have Cindy Call in to see if they need any tablets, and they did and said that it would be a great thing. So we decided we would buy ten tablets and donate them to the school.”

Dr. Lewis said they like to do what they can to help and give back to the community. He added that Dr. Orem’s wife Lisa is a special needs teacher in Ohio, “so he always thinks about the Mrs. Major and the school here.”

Mrs. Lynn Major said they were thankful for them. “We will use them for communication and language so we’ll put them to good use. I am sure they will be used right away,” she said.

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