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Our State of the Union – Marsh Harbour & South Abaco

Abaco, the third largest economy in the Bahamas, and the generator of hundreds of millions in revenue, has experienced the wholesale run down of its infrastructure by both governing parties in the past 25 years. Irrespective of the larger fear of misappropriation of VAT taxes, the downgrading of our credit rating to junk status, and the ever growing reality of the devaluation of our dollar, following are some examples:

No. 1.  Our major highway on Abaco is in bad condition. Some patch work has been done, but otherwise some areas are now a danger to the public.

No. 2.  Despite being advised to repair and refurbish the former airport terminal to serve as a freight centre, over $4 million was wasted, of the peoples’ money, to construct the new one.

It was not needed.

No. 3.  There is no nurse or doctor available to visit any of the small communities south of

Marsh Harbour, despite broken promises by the two political parties in recent years. This would be especially helpful to the elderly and handicapped who cannot travel.

No 4.   Proper maintenance of the new airport terminal. Hand and toilet paper to always be available. Broken faucets and soap dispensers too. Parking ticket machine never works.

No 5.  The Police Station, lack of equipment, and manpower. A two hour wait time for police to respond to a recent home invasion. Sewerage backing up in the existing station, and the unsanitary conditions our fine Officers have to endure. No vehicles and difficulty paying the gas bill. We need a new one.

No 6.  The Port.  Buildings are rundown for lack of maintenance. No operational bathrooms in the domestic and international warehouses, and now, no fresh water available on the docks.  Channel marker buoys constantly being destroyed, and if not for the local shipping companies installing new ones, there would be no markers in the channel, which is the third busiest channel in the country.

No 7.  Surely if the waste of hundreds of millions could be reined in, monies could be allocated to provide running water to Hope Town, Man- O- War, Scotland, and Guana Cay, build a boat ramp in Crossing Rocks, breathe new life into the Clinic at Sandy Point to name a few.

No 8.  The inadequate emergency generators at Water & Sewerage. With power outages, pump breakers are tripped, and most mornings before 6 am, there is little water coming out of the pipes.

No 9. We understand the new airport tower is 26 feet too short? Can’t be true.

No 10.  The old Clinic on Don MacKay Blvd. A new paint job.


A billion in VAT collected ( $1,000,000,000 ) , $250,000,000 in annual interest payments, with deficits and national debt increasing. We are in trouble. No one party is totally responsible for getting us here. We cannot continue on like this!


Randy Key

Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

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