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“No Road Work Ahead” on Green Turtle

Dear Editor,

Are you or other Abaconians aware that the long awaited road crews who finally began addressing the deplorable road conditions on Green Turtle Cay left the island with much of their equipment a few weeks ago?

The roads are nowhere near completion and in some instances, the finished road near New Plymouth is already starting to deteriorate with many pot holes being evident, due to the shoddy workmanship.

How unfair to the good people of Green Turtle Cay who have waited years for this issue to be addressed. As winter residents who have been enjoying this beautiful Cay for many years, we feel tremendous respect and admiration for the people of Green Turtle Cay as they continue to operate their businesses, raise their families and welcome visitors from all over the world. The ongoing challenges presented by the roads are totally unfair to them.

Shame on whoever made the decision to stop the work and for the poor quality of the work done to date.  What possible excuse could there be???



Brigitte and John Irwin


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