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Left to right: FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest, FNM Central / South Abaco Candidate James Albury, FNM Party Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, FNM North Abaco Candidate Darren Henfield, FNM Southern Shores Candidate Frankie Campbell.

FNM Hosts Candidate Launch Parties

The Free National Movement held a back-to-back “Candidate Launch Parties” on the evenings of Friday, Feb 17, 2017 and Saturday, Feb 18, 2017. The events were planned to introduce Central / South and North Abaco to their respective candidates – James Albury and Darren Henfield.

The two Abaco candidates, including other young candidates such as Long Island candidate Adrian Gibson and Bain & Grants Town candidate Travis Robinson, are being labeled as part of the party’s “Change Team.”

The Friday event was held at the South Abaco FNM Headquarters in the Abaco Shopping Center (KFC Plaza) while the next night it was held at the North Abaco Headquarters in the Central Pines Shopping Center.

Among the points each candidate discussed, Albury hit at a lack of opportunities for young Bahamians returning from abroad as well as government mismanagement and misspending. Henfield bemoaned what he viewed as poor representation for North Abaco.

Attending the events and delivering remarks was FNM party leader Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Dr. Minnis asserted that the Progressive Liberal Party ignored Abaco and “they delivered precious little.”

He continued, saying that his party represents “agents of reform.  We are agents of change.” And that “This is a change election.”

Dr. Minnis touched on education in Abaco, “The PLP have neglected the educational needs of the youth of Abaco.

“We need to do a comprehensive assessment of the educational needs in Abaco, including staffing, facilities and curriculum, especially for high school.  This will include looking at the needs of Abaco Central High.”

Dr. Minnis also disparaged the current government’s crime record as well as failure to provide opportunities for Bahamian entrepreneurs.

Dr. Minnis closed by saying “The FNM is the only party that can defeat the PLP, and mount an effective government.” He also admonished that “Change is coming to The Bahamas.” And that “Abaco needs to be a part of this change.”

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