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2017 Love Rush Junkanoo

Thousands of visitors and locals lined the sides of Don MacKay Blvd to witness the display of beautiful colours and dancing and feel the rhythm on February 25 as the annual ‘Love Rush’ Junkanoo parade paid homage to recently departed Agatha “Aggie” Curry of Spring City.

When the final points were tallied the Spring City Rockers, under the theme “A Blast From the Past – Celebrating 30 Years” once again captured first place in the Adult Competition.

The Rockers featured an array of colourful costumes coupled with nicely choreographed dancing supported by a strong and talented music section lead by a float featuring an enormous birthday cake with lights and an explosion of confetti.

The Murphy Town Superstars took second place with an impressive display of costumes, choreography and music and Treasure Cay Explorers returned with a solid showing after being absent for a few years to capture fifth place.

This year’s Junkanoo also showcased two newcomers with the Bayside Boys capturing third place and Spring City Soldiers pulling in fourth place with impressive overall performances.

Junior Junkanoo

Junior Junkanoo featured a dozen groups and was well attended and enjoyed by the crowds who watched Pre-schoolers, Primary Shoolers and High Schoolers compete passionately in an impressive array of colors and sounds.

Change Preparatory School lead the way for the preschool category winning first prize with a Noah’s Ark theme, followed by Grace Baptist Preschool in second and Teaching Children to Achieve placing third in the night’s cutest category.

In the Primary School Category St Francis de Sales with their theme Fairytales and Fanatasy captured first place and was led by an impressive Castle banner-piece with an incredible looking dragon.

Treasure Cay Primary pulled an extremely close second place with impressive music and choreography and were followed in third by Coopers Town Primary. Fox Town Primary and Crossing Rocks Primary rounded out the group of five Primary Schools.

Coming a long distance to compete did nothing to slow down the crowd pleasing, energetic Grand Cay All Age School who put on such an impressive performance that many in the crowd wanted to join in with the Story/Comic Book Character themed group.

This was yet another very tightly contested category as Abaco Central High placed a close second with a very impressive showing and incredible music. S.C. Bootle High School came a not-so-distant third in their first outing with a great overall effort.

Forest Heights had an impressive showing however chose not to compete in the night’s event as the group works toward preparing for the Bahamas Junior Junkanoo Competition.

Tony Davis, Chairman of the All Abaco Junkanoo Committee said both nights went extremely well. The Junior Junkanoo night saw twelve participants, though Forest Heights only came for exhibition and the Adult Junkanoo night saw five groups including two newcomers.

“All groups were very competitive, and the talk in the community is that it was well received. Everybody thought it was the best event we’ve held in at least five to six years.

“It was also one of the biggest crowds we’ve had in a long time”

He was pleased with the innovation of the young fellows coming out with their own groups and were very competitive. He was pleased with the camaraderie and the competitiveness of the event.

“All came very well together after a lot of hard work. It was also good to have Radio Abaco back on the Parade Ground and to hear how impressed ZNS was with everything.”

The economic injection is very significant, people had trouble finding hotel rooms and rental cars. He said he would like to see the Abaco Chamber of Commerce partnering with the All Abaco Junkanoo Committee because of the significant economic impact it brings to the island.

He said Aggie, who was considered the co-leader of the Spring City Rockers and was always very passionate about Junkanoo. She was missed and it was easy for all the group leaders to come together to do a final rush together in memory of her.







Preschool Category:

1st – Change Preparatory School – Banner 236 – Execution of Theme 34 – Music 200 – Group Performance 201 – Total 671

2nd – Grace Baptist Preschool – Banner 225 – Execution of Theme 27 – Music 180 – Group Performance 148 – Total 580

3rd – Teaching Children to Achieve – Banner 237 – Execution of Theme 20 – Music 155 – Group Performance 112 – Total 524

Primary School Category:

1st – St. Francis de Sales – Banner 195 – Execution of Theme 38 – Choreography 75 – Music 145 – Group Performance 150 – Total 603

2nd – Treasure Cay Primary – Banner 148 – Execution of Theme 36 – Choreography 88 – Music 150 – Group Performance 145 – Total 567

3rd – Coopers Town Primary – Banner 181 – Execution of Theme 35 – Choreography 56 – Music 125 – Group Performance 118 – Total 515

4th – Fox Town Primary – Banner 155 – Execution of Theme 35 – Choreography 73 – Music 131 – Group Performance 62 – Total 456

5th – Crossing Rocks Primary – Banner 115 – Execution of Theme 19 – Choreography 58 – Music 125 – Group Performance 66 – Total 383


High School Category:

1st – Grand Cay All-Age School – Banner 545 – Execution of Theme 114 – Choreography 278 – Music 442 – Group Performance 433 – Total 1812

2nd – Abaco Central High School – Banner 468 – Execution of Theme 102 – Choreography 246 – Music 527 – Group Performance 410 – Total 1753

3rd – S.C. Bootle high School – Banner 362 – Execution of Theme 65 – Choreography 224 – Music 374 – Group Performance 339 – Total 1364


Adult Category

1st – Spring City Rockers – Banner 251 – Execution of Theme 46 – Choreography 189 – Music 371 – Group Performance 258 – Total 1115

2nd – Murphy Town Superstars – Banner 280 – Execution of Theme 44 – Choreography 140 – Music 332 – Group Performance 223 – Total 1019

3rd – Bayside Boys – Banner 224 – Execution of Theme 61 – Choreography 126 – Music 310 – Group Performance 213 – Total 934

4th – Spring City Soldiers – Banner 208 – Execution of Theme 44 – Choreography 126 – Music 310 – Group Performance 184 – Total 872

5th – Treasure Cay Explorers – Banner 160 – Execution of Theme 30 – Choreography 163 – Music 293 – Group Performance 193 – Total 839


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