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Central/South Abaco Candidates. Left to right Eva Bain (PLP), Ruth Flowers (DNA) and James Albury (FNM).

In Their Own Words: South Abaco Candidates

Editor’s Note: You’ll notice there is only one candidate response here. However, there are three candidates for Central / South Abaco.

Questionnaires were confirmed delivered to all six candidates (North and South) the last week of January as well as weekly follow-ups.

As of this printing we received only four out of the six. You can read the three North Abaco Candidates answers in the Feb 1 Issue of The Abaconian or by clicking HERE. This issue was to deal with the South Abaco candidates. The Abaconian understands that all the candidates are busy as we gear up for the election, and we debated whether to postpone the South Abaco segment until we received all three responses.

Further, and in full disclosure, the candidate who did return his response in time is the brother of the editor of this newspaper.

In the end, the decision was made to go to print with this segment, as scheduled, since all candidates were given the same time line and the majority responded in time.

When the remaining candidates submit their responses we will make space for them here and in a future edition.

The three questions all candidates were asked are as follows:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What lead you to offer yourself in politics for this constituency?
  • Why did you choose to align with the party you are running for?
  • What are three issues that you feel are important to Abaco and how would you/your party address them?
  • What is one unique characteristic/skill/talent that you bring to the table?


James Albury – FNM

Fellow Abaconians, my name is James Albury. I was born to Monty and Ruth Albury on October 14th, 1993. I grew up around Sea Spray Resort and Marina on Elbow Cay which my parents had started together, and later moved to Marsh Harbour. In high school, I developed a deep appreciation and love of history and government. I used this passion to pursue a higher education in the United States and United Kingdom. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 2015, I returned home with my wife – determined to become involved and work towards making Abaco a better place.

 Why Offer Yourself?

I knew I wanted to become involved, even if exactly how was still a mystery. I felt I owed a debt to my island which had given me so much. I never imagined I would have the humbling opportunity to stand up and ask for a chance to be a voice for my community, but after deep thought, prayer, and support from my friends and family, I took the chance and put myself forward.

 Why the FNM?

I chose to align with the Free National Movement because I believe in its principle tenets of transparency and accountability and I believe we are currently living under a woefully inept and out of touch administration. The FNM has new leadership and new minds being given the opportunity to step up to the plate, but we are still true to our founding ideals. Under the FNM our government will have a fresh start, but remain true to core values.

 Three Issues for Abaco?

I believe three main issues facing Abaco today are rising crime, underfunded education, and under-supported local government. Our police and Defence Force need new facilities, equipment, and more personnel. We need to give our law enforcement the tools they need to fight the rising tide of boat thefts, robberies, and break-ins which have become all too common. Our public schools now seem to be operating off minimal support despite noble efforts by teachers and administrators. No child’s education should be compromised or threatened because of their economic status. Our local government districts are filled with motivated and capable citizens, but are hamstrung by a central government which doesn’t want to give them their due and allow greater authority to handle local affairs.

Unique characteristic/skill/talent?

One unique talent that will make me a great representative is the ability to truly listen. Our island is made up of many unique communities with different needs and concerns. It would be unfair and untrue to say I know what is best for all. If elected I promise to be the one to listen to all of these unique concerns, and be there for you to tell me what you and your community needs from the representative and government you have put your trust in.

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