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Birding with Charmaine: Painted Buntings

Oh the beautiful color of buntings!

The females might not have the same vibrant, red and blue as the males, but their yellow and green hues are still a beautiful display.

It’s always a “Wow” experience to see the male Painted Buntings with their exquisite array of vivid red, royal blue, and vibrant green and yellow.

I’ve noticed, in a couple of locations, a ratio of about one male to two female Painted Buntings this year.

An adult male Indigo Bunting is a brilliant blue with hues of turquoise.

The female Indigo Bunting is rather drab, especially in comparison to the female Painted Bunting. Although, sometimes you might see small bits of blue showing through her brown feathers.

The Indigo Buntings aren’t seen as often as the Painted Buntings on Man-O-War. It would be interesting to know the comparison for other islands.

So, get out there, take in the fresh air, release your stress, invigorate your body and soul, and enjoy all things Bright and Beautiful; the God given majesty we are blessed to look at every day.

Keep on Birding.

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Charmaine Albury
Charmaine McDonald Albury is an avid bird photographer and owner of Sees the Day Photography. glenncharalbury@coralwave.com

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