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Paradise Recording Studio Motivates Abaco Youth Through Music

“Motivating People Through Music with Love and Inspiration” is the motto and driving force behind Paradise Recording Studio.

Founder Charles Bodie explained that the studio is a vision that he received from God to give young music artists on Abaco the opportunity to professionally record and promote their music nationwide and globally.

“I saw the amount of talent among our young people on Abaco, and that they needed help with getting their music up and running,” he recalled. “We not only want to focus on The Bahamas, but take our talent around the world to places like Europe and Africa.

“When you listen to the radio, you have to blame the deejays to some extent because they are not promoting our local talent, yet when they hear a new song from an American music artist, for example, they promote them. We have to push for them to promote our people. I’m trying to help our young people to express their talent through music.”

The construction of Paradise Recording Studio began in October 2015 at the same location as Bodie’s Engine Repair, which is located on the S.C. Bootle Highway, and it was completed in March 2016.

Bodie’s administrative team at Paradise Recording Studio is comprised of himself, Althia Simms, manager and singer/songwriter; and Pastor Kayetta (Sierra) Brown, assistant manager.

The administrative team recently completed a launch on Bahamas Christian Network (BCN) to promote awareness of the studio and the services they provide, which include mixing, mastering, recording and marketing of music for clients. The studio also offers copyrighting of poetry, original beats and song lyrics.

In seeing his vision become a reality, Bodie repeatedly lauded Jerome “Preacha Boy” Burrows also known as JC for his help with designing the studio and for his musical insight.

“JC has a serious gift, and he is the main reason with this coming about,” Bodie said. “I have to give him his fair due. He’s preaching now, but I can always call on him when I need him.”

Bodie said that Kelia McKinney, singer, continues to be instrumental in the work being carried out at the studio  as well. So far, Paradise Recording Studio has affiliation with Aped Entertainment as well as Reubin Heights of Perfect Blend Studio, who is assisting them with building a management team.

“I am inspired and motivated to see it happen because we have a lot of talent here,” Bodie expressed. “No one believes until they see or hear them. We are pulling talent off the streets, and people who can’t find ‘big money’ to record and to give them all a chance.”

Simms explained that her initial involvement was when she came to sing a cover song back in July 2016. Presently, there are seven music artists, four beat makers and a few musicians. Simms said that one of the first goals to singers was to encourage them to write two original songs.

As for the talent that Bodie is referring to includes a dynamic brother and sister duo – the brother sounds like John Legend while the sister plays piano by ear and is a soulful mix of legendary singers like Mahalia Jackson, Tina Turner and Diana Ross; a well-known older gentleman who sings gospel; and a young man who is emerging as a musical standout from Murphy Town with his distinctive singing technique.

As assistant manager, Brown also brings a full range of talent to the table as a pastor, drummer, rapper, singer, songwriter and teacher by profession.

Indeed, there’s a mixture of new and familiar music artists singing old-school or modern music.

“We have a little of everything – the young, the old, and the in-between,” Simms confirmed. “We are helping artists to get out there because in the past a lot of people sang, but nothing happened. They never got promoted or got their music heard outside The Bahamas. We will give them worldwide coverage.”

Simms also suggested that more singers come forward because there are numerous songs that have been written, and they people to sing them. There was an appeal to songwriters to come in and have their lyrics matched up with an original beat. Choirs or music groups are also welcome to record, and live instruments like guitars and pianos can be arranged. Drums will soon be added to the list of live instruments available.

For those interested in recording at Paradise Recording Studio, there are some stipulations. Acceptable forms of music are inspirational, Christian/gospel, love and R&B.

“No gangsta music, no cursing, no smoking,” she advised. “Just music that’s about uplifting people.”

Simms added that songs do not have to be original songs; the studio provides soundtracks for those wanting to do cover songs. Artists have the option of signing under the Paradise Recording Studio label, which would include the studio producing their songs inclusive of mixing, mastering, CD design and package, and promotion for an affordable fee. Payment plans are also available.

As the vision for the studio begins to sweep through the community, Simms envisioned that it will influence more people to use their gifts and talents.

“A different feeling comes over me when I’m in the sound booth recording. It’s a big avenue to open doors,” Simms said. “The studio is just about people helping one another – just like the motto says because music is the worldwide language, it’s the universal language.

She concluded: “I told Bodie that God will always bring the people in.”

Contact Paradise Recording Studio at 1(242)806-1377 or 1(242)559-8058 to arrange a recording session.  E-mail: Paradisers.16@gmail.com. The Web site is under construction, but once it’s up and running, visitors will be able to purchase music by Abaco music artists directly from the site.

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