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Hope Town District Council: Floating Bar Off Tahiti Beach, Tax Collection, Other Issues Discussed

The Hope Town District Council met on January 26 for its monthly meeting. The agenda included applications for building permits with $25.2 million attributed to construction at Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club and an additional $4.6 million for construction in other areas of the District.

Two applications for construction on Hope Town’s waterfront were deferred pending information related to the visible impact they will have on waterfront views. One was for a boat lift and the other for a second-story addition to a building on the harbour’s waterfront. Although several structures built years ago block views of the harbour, it felt that the view of the harbour should not be compromised. The height of the boat lift will be investigated by Council members while the second-story addition will likely be publicly advertised as required and possibly be presented at a public meeting for comment.

Council members are quite annoyed with Central Government’s indecision concerning the election or appointments for the Council’s three vacant seats.

Council members are anxious to initiate the newly legislated property tax collection scheme. An office has been established and furnished at nearly $40,000 for this project. However, it has not gone forward due to operating regulations not being established.

A resolution was passed recommending two floating bar/restaurant licenses be approved by the Licensing Authority. One has been requested to be located in shallow water off Tahiti Beach. The operation would be responsible for keeping the beach and surrounding waters clean of refuse and food debris. The floating facility would have sanitary restrooms on board. A second license would be allowed for Guana Cay. Both licenses would prohibit use in the main harbour of the either town. The resolution prohibits a similar facility at Man-O-War Cay.

Several days after the Council meeting, Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting received a call from a Treasury official advising that the tax program would begin in the District on February first.

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