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From the Editor’s Desk: Alternative Facts

The Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, recently announced at the PLP convention that this administration has brought many wonderful achievements to the Bahamian people. Among those achievements he listed “the new mini hospitals opening in Abaco and Exuma.”

The problem with that is our mini-hospital is not open.

Defenders of this statement will note that he said the mini-hospital is “opening,” he did not say “opened.” Well, the mini-hospital has been “opening” for five years. And to list it as an accomplishment is, at best, disingenuous. It is, in this writer’s opinion, insulting.

One of those “alternative facts” the politicians northwest of us seem fond of recently.

It would not be so bad if the alternative to a new clinic was current facility that is even sub-par. But saying our current clinic is a sub-par is being generous. The nurses regularly deal with mold-caused respiratory illness and the clinic has been unable to send away patient’s bloodwork for months now.

Maybe a hastily implemented and poorly considered system such as NHI will fix these most basic problems?

But the administration has had no problems in the past claiming credit for incomplete projects. Our new terminal took only nineteen additional months to open past its original deadline. And even now staff can’t use the top floor. That, of course, cannot all be laid at the PLP’s feet. Those are design problems that should never had been allowed to pass inspection. How can the same group that inspects and approves plans later cause delays because the building is not up to code?

Another incomplete project Abaconians have been clamouring for years for is the construction of useable roads in tourist-heavy Green Turtle Cay. The work is not done but equipment is being moved back to mainland Abaco. Perhaps this is to be an election-time carrot or stick scenario? Where the administration can claim some relief for residents but hold the final bite of the carrot just out of reach with the implied caveat being “Vote for us?”

Or perhaps it is just another situation where the government has no idea what is going on, such as saying a clinic is open when it very much is not? (As of this publication.)

Of course some of these projects that this administration was unable to complete within five years were started with a few months left of the previous government before election. Showing this tactic is ingrained into Bahamian politics and utilized by both serving groups.

But with a new election cycle approaching Bahamians and Abaconians are given the choice once again. Stick with a party and leader you feel is providing results to the best of this country’s ability? Vote for an established party under new leadership and a slew of new candidates. Or try out a third option with ideas you think are fresh and will work?

Or perhaps, you, the voters, want to decide based on what your local candidates have to say? If this is the case I hope you peruse the responses from your ratified candidates for Abaco. We are providing a running “debate,” if you will, of all your choices for North Abaco and Central/South Abaco so you can read their ideas and goals in their own words.

In the coming issues we will be putting it to you, the readers, to put forth questions for your candidates to answer.

But none of that will matter if you do not get out and register.

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