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In solidarity with protesters in the nation’s capitol, Abaconians, as part of the We March Bahamas movement, made their voices heard. This is the second We March Bahamas demonstration. Above: three generations of Bahamians marching for the future. Photo by Alana Carroll.

#WeMarch Activists Take to the Streets on Majority Rule Day

On Tuesday, January 10, 1967 Bahamians finally realized majority rule in the country – the right of one man, one vote – and fifty years later on the same date, thousands of Bahamians marched again for their rights.

Abaco too, held their own march on the same date, coordinating with the organizers in Nassau to ensure unity in their voice as they marched for better governance.

On the heels of the Black Friday march, We March Bahamas sought to have dialogue with persons across the country to seek solutions for the problems the people of the country face. Also, just after that November 25 march, the plans began for a follow up march set for Majority Rule Day, initially January 9, 2017.

Permission for the We March Bahamas march initially appeared to stall. They then were thrown a curve ball when it was announced in mid-December that Majority Rule Day would be switched from Monday, January 9 to Tuesday, January 10. Undaunted by the change of days and challenges associated, We March reorganized and prepared to march on the new date, and Abaco followed suit.

While several thousand people marched in Nassau, approximately one hundred Abaconians braved sub-80 degree weather and marched. The group followed the course originally permitted, and with the police’s acquiescence extended the march leaving the Marsh Harbour Fire Station, to the iconic stoplight, on to the corner before Snappas Bar and Grill, and back to the Fire Station.

The crowd was encouraged to sign a petition for a Freedom of Information Act and to get involved in discussing ideas, plans and solutions for the issues that are at the heart of the march. Further plans were discussed to meet at discuss the issues with the nominees of each party and allow them to respond to the questions of their constituents.

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