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Birding with Charmaine: Winter Birding

Hooded Warbler

The thrill of “Winter Bird Season” is in the air.  There are so many kinds to see and look for. Warblers, Vireos, Flycatchers, Spindalis, Orioles and Buntings are just a few.

How exciting it is to spot these beautiful birds; especially the vagrants that are literally only passing through for maybe one or two days.

Did you know that certain birds look completely different, and might even sound different, when they pass through on their way back north?

The one that I have seen with the biggest difference, so far, is the Black Poll Warbler.

What have you seen? Join the new Facebook page “Abaco Bird Sightings” and share with us.

Female Black Throater Blue Warbler

So, until next time: Chill , Be Still, and Listen for the birds.

Male American Redshirt

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Charmaine Albury
Charmaine McDonald Albury is an avid bird photographer and owner of Sees the Day Photography. glenncharalbury@coralwave.com

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